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Who we are, and what we can do for your school.

'New Perspectives...' offers the opportunity to engage, personally and over time, with an experienced, innovative consultant, reflecting, and working, on priorities set by the school and the individuals concerned. While Tony Eaude leads most of the 'New Perspectives …' programmes and courses himself, other professionals may also be involved, especially where a focus on inter-agency working and complex change in organisations is required. In particular, Jude Egan, an experienced Social Work Manager and Family Therapist, can offer insight into the specific needs of vulnerable children and working with different support agencies.


Dr. Tony Eaude has worked in three different LEAs during a career of over twenty-five years as a teacher and headteacher. From 1989 to 1998, he was headteacher of SS. Mary and John First School in the City of Oxford, a Church school serving a multi-ethnic community. During that time he served as Chair of Oxford City Primary and Nursery Headteachers and on several other local groups supporting work in relation to the needs of bilingual children, the role of teaching assistants and the role of action research in schools. In 1991-2, he was part of an inter-LEA project developing materials in relation to personal and professional development. Tony Eaude's experience as a headteacher provides a valuable perspective on issues such as staff development, curriculum breadth and balance, school development and resource planning and working with governors and parents.

Tony Eaude moved from headship in 1998 to take an M.Sc. in Educational Research Methodology, and then a D.Phil. at the Department of Educational Studies, University of Oxford which looked at how teachers of young children understand spiritual development. Since completing his doctorate, he has been associated with the same department. For some five years between 1998 and 2004, he worked part-time as Regional Coordinator of the National Primary Centre, leading and managing collaborative action research projects through to publication. The two most substantial were 'Learning Leaders and Leading Learners' for nineteen experienced headteachers and a project for eleven middle leaders in primary schools, both funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Charitable Foundation. Until recently, he taught part-time in a local primary school. He trained as an Ofsted Team Inspector and has conducted several Section 23 inspections of collective worship in Church schools.

Tony Eaude is passionate about bridging the gap between the insights of research and the day to day complexity of the classroom. He has written and published for a wide range of audiences. This ranges from his doctoral thesis and associated academic articles to brief reviews and articles for teachers in publications such as Primary Practice and the Education Review and publications for teachers, several resulting from collaborative action research projects. He is a Leading Thinker for the National Education Trust. He is a member of the executive committee of the International Association of Children's Spirituality is the Books Review Editor for the International Journal of Children's Spirituality and is a member of WISER (Wellbeing, Interculturalism, Spirituality and Education Research Consortium). In November 2014, he visited Tehran, Iran to work with teachers and headteachers. During 2015, he chaired, and spoken at, four conferences on British Values, following the new expectation on schools to promote Fundamental British Values. In June 2017, he was the 2017 lecturer for the Philosophy for Educational Renewal Group. Tony Eaude's publications are listed and elsewhere on this website.


'New Perspectives...' offers a range of courses and programmes which link personal and professional development with school improvement priorities. Some are appropriate for individual schools. However, several, especially the programmes, are likely to be of particular interest to LEAs, Education Action Zones and other bodies and local partnerships charged with school improvement across a range of schools. Building on his experience leading projects encouraging heads and teachers to set up, and evaluate the impact of, developmental initiatives, Tony Eaude offers support in such projects. Emphasising the link between teachers' personal and professional development and school improvement, he offers a range of strategies to help schools create and develop themselves as learning communities, combining systematic and rigorous planning and evaluation with sensitivity to the school's own context and stage of development. Given that school improvement happens primarily in the 'space between' external interventions, the programmes are offered over a sustained period, of up to a year, allowing time for reflection and action, in the school context, with the consultant offering only 'light-touch' support. Recognising the variety of stages of development and the constraints on school resources, in terms both of money and time, the courses can all be tailored to the particular needs of an area or a school. Personal contact can be supplemented, where required, by support by email and phone.

Two main sorts of course are offered, both of which can be customised to your requirements:

Thinking Through Pedagogy which consist of several linked sessions; and

New Perspectives on ... which are one-off courses, on a set theme, of which thirteen are currently on offer.

There are also two programmes of up to one-year's duration, called:

New Perspectives on...

The rationale, audience, timescale and commitment required and intended outcomes are outlined on the appropriate page. A summary of more general consultancy services available is available by following Consultancy.

To discuss any of these, and how they can be most useful in your own context, please feel free to contact 'New Perspectives...', Dr Tony Eaude, 6 Long Wall, Littlemore, Oxford, OX4 4PG on 01865 711135 (phone/fax) or

Identity, Culture and Belonging: Educating Young Children for a Changing World is due to be published by Bloomsbury Academic in February 2020. Details of how to order are on the Bloomsbury website.

Developing the expertise of primary and elementary classroom teachers -professional learning for a changing world was published by Bloomsbury Academic in January 2018. A paperback version was published in July 2019. Details of how to order are on the Bloomsbury website.

New Perspectives on Young Children’s Moral Education
-Developing Character through a Virtue Ethics Approach
was published by Bloomsbury in December 2015. Details of how to order are on the Bloomsbury website.

How do expert primary classroom teachers really work? - a guide for teachers, headteachers and teacher educators was published in 2012. For further details, see the publications section of this website or contact
Details of how to order are on the Critical Publishing website.
Download flyer (pdf, 3.3MB).

Thinking Through Pedagogy for Primary and Early Years was published in January 2011. For further details see Thinking Through Pedagogy for Primary and Early Years.

Thinking Through Pedagogy: Primary and Early Years by Tony Eaude

Children's Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development by Tony Eaude (second edition, 2008)

Enhancing Achievement for Young Bilingual Learners
Download flyer (pdf, 410K) by Tony Eaude, published in March 2007

For more details on how to order these, please contact