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New Perspectives: courses, programmes, support, and consultancy for primary school heads and teachers.

'New Perspectives...' is a small, independent educational consultancy established in 2003 by Dr Tony Eaude. Drawing on his experience as a headteacher, researcher and consultant, he provides an innovative, personal approach to offer teachers and headteachers in schools and settings for young children, especially those up to 11 years old, new ways of understanding and approaching school improvement and pedagogy. This is based on three core principles, that:

  • the aims of education are complex and multi-faceted, with measures of success needing to reflect these and the importance of breadth and balance of experience;
  • school improvement is intimately linked with the relationships and values developed in, and manifested by, the school community;
  • success depends on building, and building on, the learning abilities and dispositions of children and the professional expertise of teachers and other staff, with the role of outsiders primarily to empower and support.

The emphasis is to offer support to schools in:

  • identifying, and addressing, the elusive but important elements of education too often overlooked in the drive for improved test scores;
  • trusting and encouraging teachers, and others, to innovate, to adapt and to be reflective and self-evaluative; and
  • creating and sustaining, among and between staff and pupils, learning, caring communities.

Tony Eaude's particular interests are in the areas of:

  • spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, values and creativity;
  • cultural diversity, urban education and bilingualism;
  • pedagogy, based on a consideration of how young children learn and the implications for the learning environment and for teachers;
  • the nature of teacher expertise in the primary classroom.

This is reflected in the books which he has written, details of which are available in the right-hand column or at publications .

Dr Tony Eaude is associated with the Department of Education, University of Oxford. He is a 'Leading Thinker' for the National Education Trust and a trainer for the Values Education Trust. Most of his work is in the area of evaluation, research, teaching, training and writing.

Examples of his recent work in evaluation include a report for the Higher Education Academy evaluating the Islamic Studies Network, a report for the DCSF on Institutional Quality Standards and one for the National Education Trust on 6s&7s. More details can be found on this website especially on Previous projects

Dr Tony Eaude is a regular speaker at conferences such as Naptec (National Primary Teacher Education Conference) and TEAN (Teacher Education Advancement Network). A summary of a talk called 'What really matters? -looking beyond the standards agenda' at the National Primary Teacher Education Conference in September 2007 gives a brief indication of his thinking. The text can be downloaded at naptec (doc, 62K) He led a session at the same conference in September 2011, with the title 'New agendas -but whose? reflections on professionalism, pedagogy and expertise in the primary classroom.' The text of the notes can be downloaded at naptec conference notes september 2011 (doc, 39K) and the whole paper on which this was based can be accessed by contacting him. Tony Eaude gave the annual lecture for the Philosophy of Educational Renewal (PER) group in June 2017 with the title 'What can young children teach us about morality?' A summary of this is likely to be published in the journal Prospero in late 2017.

Following the decision that the Ofsted Framework will require inspectors to 'take account of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development' in their judgements about the overall provision made by schools, Tony Eaude, in 2011-2, led a series of seminars, both national and local, on 'Understanding and meeting Ofsted's requirement to 'take account' of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development'. These are based on research into SMSC and the new Evaluation Schedule for the Ofsted Framework which came into force in January 2012, giving a new emphasis to SMSC especially in judging the overall effectivenesss of a school, in whatever phase. He is available for training, seminars and other events to discuss what this entails and the implications for schools in terms of both gathering evidence and school development. He has recently chaired and spoken at several national conferences on 'Fundamental British Values'. Any groups of schools, individual schools, other groups or individuals interested in knowing more or booking a similar seminar should contact Tony Eaude.

From 2008 to 2011, Tony Eaude tutored the module 'Contemporary Issues and Debates' on the MA Course in Primary Education at the Institute of Education, London. He has also taught the module 'Coaching and Mentoring' for Westminster Institute, Oxford Brookes University. Until 2015, he continued to teach children, from time to time, at a local primary school.

Details of the courses available which can be adapted to the needs of schools, local authorities or other groups can be seen on New Perspectives on... courses and Thinking Through Pedagogy. Such courses are especially important to take advantage of the new emphasis on teachers developing a more informed pedagogy and the greater professional freedom promised by the Government, with the ending of the National Strategies.

Tony Eaude was co-editor of a themed issue of Education 3-13 on the humanities in the primary school published in May 2017. Among his planned projects are a book on young children's cultural education and a project on teacher expertise in the primary classroom. Anyone interested in either of these, and especially in collaboration on the latter, is invited to look at more details on the link above and contact Tony Eaude for an informal discussion.

If you would like to be informed of the work done by New Perspectives, and receive regular updates, please contact

New Perspectives on Young Children’s Moral Education
-Developing Character through a Virtue Ethics Approach
was published by Bloomsbury in December 2015. Further details of how to order are on the Bloomsbury website.

How do expert primary classroom teachers really work? - a guide for teachers, headteachers and teacher educators was published in 2012. For further details, see the publications section of this website or contact
Details of how to order are on the Critical Publishing website.

Download flyer (pdf, 3.3MB).

Thinking Through Pedagogy for Primary and Early Years was published in January 2011. For further details see Thinking Through Pedagogy for Primary and Early Years.

Thinking Through Pedagogy: Primary and Early Years by Tony Eaude

Children's Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development by Tony Eaude (second edition, 2008)

Enhancing Achievement for Young Bilingual Learners
Download flyer (pdf, 410K) by Tony Eaude, published in March 2007

For more details on how to order these, please contact