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This page contains regular updates on the work of New Perspectives ... which are issued from time to time. The first update was circulated by post during January 2005. The text is included here as january05update (pdf, 487K) .

The second update was issued in May 2005, though not in a printed form. The text can be downloaded as updatemay05 (doc, 36K)

The text of the third update issued in October 2005 can be downloaded as updateoctober05 (doc, 39K)

The fourth update was issued in April 2006. The text can be downloaded as updateapril06 (doc, 38K)

A further update was issued in September 2006 and can be downloaded as Update September 2006 (pdf, 222K)

The next update came in September 2008 and can be downloaded as updatesept08 (doc, 79K)

The most recent update prepared in September 2009 can be downloaded as update09 (doc, 82K)

Please contact us if you wish to receive this in hard copy or if there are any points you wish to follow up.

Developing the expertise of primary and elementary classroom teachers -professional learning for a changing world was published by Bloomsbury Academic in January 2018. Details of how to order are on the Bloomsbury website.

New Perspectives on Young Children’s Moral Education
-Developing Character through a Virtue Ethics Approach
was published by Bloomsbury in December 2015. Details of how to order are on the Bloomsbury website.

How do expert primary classroom teachers really work? - a guide for teachers, headteachers and teacher educators was published in 2012. For further details, see the publications section of this website or contact
Details of how to order are on the Critical Publishing website.
Download flyer (pdf, 3.3MB).

Thinking Through Pedagogy for Primary and Early Years was published in January 2011. For further details see Thinking Through Pedagogy for Primary and Early Years.

Thinking Through Pedagogy: Primary and Early Years by Tony Eaude

Children's Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development by Tony Eaude (second edition, 2008)

Enhancing Achievement for Young Bilingual Learners
Download flyer (pdf, 410K) by Tony Eaude, published in March 2007

For more details on how to order these, please contact